TRAPCHUM has extended its business transaction and steadily increased requirements or demands of customers that was evolved and transformed from a non-governmental organization “Development and Building a Community Value.” TRAPCHUM is supplying products and non-banking services quickly and easily for small and medium scale businesses, micro pawn business, and transfer of business title, in order to create a good environment for micro business transactions delivered to entrepreneurs, families, and individuals to join with the government to develop local economy.

Why choose TRAPCHUM?

TRAPCHUM is an employer who choose and create sustainable jobs through regular staff and institution capacity development. Out of providing benefits for staff, TRAPCHUM had clear plan to correct working ways and directions and provide appropriate positions based o their knowledge, experience, and capacity. TRAPCHUM adheres to a “culture of nondiscrimination and good working environment,” perform jobs and create a plentity of opportunities for staff.

  • TRAPCHUM is a Leading Micro Pawn Institution for customers, families, and individuals in community and urban areas
    in Cambodia.

  • Provide the best solution options for customers and public to manage their financial resources effectively, in order to promote a better living quality. We strongly commit to maintain the balance of the partner’s interests, shareholders, employees, and communities equally.

  • Help everyone to get money quickly, timely, and safely within an hour

    • Ensure equity and balance of interests between pawn receiver and a person who put properties in pawn
    • Accountability and honesty to partners fully and equally
    • A Living Customer, A Living Enterprise
    • Nondiscrimination against race and religious beliefs

Fast Cash Loans

Experience our reliable and trustworthy pawnbroking service at low-interest rate.


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