• Receive pawns for the payment by installment on motor bicycles and home-made tractors up to 80% of its whole price.

  • Provide options in relation to the guaranteed pawn to buy a motorcycle for the purpose/use of the family and for another business making.

  • Provide individuals and customers quick pawn-based loan services and receive cash instantly as needed.

  • A Pawn-based credit for house decoration or reconstruction is provided.

  • Provision of an individual loan to make various businesses and other needs.

  • Provide a pawn-based loan services to individuals or customers to withdraw land or house blueprint from the bank and/or from one institution to one another.

  • Provide consultations with customers on financial planning and insurance services as needed/required by the family.

  • Provide training session to cement their capacity to make the family-based business to improve the living quality.

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